Other Researchers & Resources


  • Paolo Ghisletta, Université de Genève - research in multivariate methods applied to human development across the lifespan
  • Jeffrey C. Schank, UC Davis - research in psychology and animal behavior via agent-based models, philosopher of science, and my doctoral adviser; his website also has an extensive directory of researchers using agent-based models throughout the sciences
  • Paul Smaldino, UC Merced - research on the cutting edge of the science of science and other collective human endeavors
  • Emilio Ferrer, UC Davis - research in the dynamics of psychological processes
  • Mijke Rhemtulla, UC Davis - research in data-analytic models of psychological constructs
  • John Miller, Carnegie-Mellon & SFI - leading researcher in social science and complexity and an inspiration to many in my field



  • Java - most of my programming is done in Java
  • MASON - this is basically a library of classes to facilitate the creation of fast, stable agent-based models in Java
  • Eclipse - the software I use to develop with in Java (an integrated development environment); many useful features, time-savers, and shortcuts for developing in Java, but also with extensions for other languages. Also, it's open source (FREE!)
  • Go - a new, fast language that I am beginning to explore for use when I need something faster than Java
  • R - the statistical software package everyone is using; ignore at your peril! All the packages listed below are available from CRAN; the links are to project homepages
    • lavaan - R package for structural equation modeling; this is my go-to solution for SEM and longitudinal growth curve modeling
    • ctsem - R package for analyzing continuous-time dynamic and static models in the structural equation modeling framework
    • Stan - Software useful for many things, but I mostly use it for Bayesian estimation. The associated R package is rstan.